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Sitopia Farm

Flower bouquet: Subscription

Flower bouquet: Subscription

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***Special Time-Limited Offer: Free First Bouquet for All Flower Subscriptions!!**

A gorgeous bouquet of around 20 organic stems*, beautifully arranged by us. The flower varieties will vary depending on what's in season and looking dreamy.

All our flowers are grown on Sitopia Farm in Greenwich using organic, no-dig and regenerative principles, so by choosing us you're doing the best for our soils, our wildlife, our climate and our health.

All stems are harvested the day before delivery, that's freshness and sustainability that's hard to beat!

Available for home delivery or at collection points (select at checkout)

Size: Approx 20 stems

Frequency options: weekly, fortnightly, monthly

Day: Fridays 

Delivery options: delivered to your door for +£3 (applied at checkout) or available at certain collection points for no extra cost

Delivery available in: Plumstead, Charlton, Eltham, Kidbrooke and Blackheath

Collection points: (select at checkout)

- Shrewsbury House, Bushmoor Crescent, SE18 3EG between 11am - 8pm on a Friday.
- Sitopia Farm, 331 Shooters Hill, DA16 3RP between 11am - 4pm on a Friday.

*Please note the vast majority of our flowers are certified organic, a few perennials are in-conversion to organic.

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Subscription FAQs

What if I'm going on holiday or need to pause?

It's really easy to skip weeks if you need to. When you subscribe you will get an Online Customer account where you can manage your subscriptions, skip one or more orders and update your personal details.
To access your account click here:

What packaging do you use?

We hate wasteful packaging here at Sitopia Farm. Wherever possible we will avoid packaging, but some is necessary to keep your flowers as fresh as possible.

All our flowers are freshly harvested and well conditioned in cool water before delivery to preserve vase life. We do not use plastic or cellophane flower wrapping or florists’ foam. Instead we use brown paper packaging that can be recycled as part of your council paper recycling. To keep them in excellent condition we ask that you put the flowers in water as soon as possible after they have been delivered (including leaving a bucket or jug of water out for us if you’re not going to be in).

We also suggest that to get the best out of your bouquet you remove all the packaging as soon as you can. Snip a centimetre off the stems of your flowers and put them in water. Flowers from Sitopia Farm have not been treated with any flower preserving chemicals neither do we provide flower food. Giving flowers fresh water every day and snipping the stems will keep your bouquet in top condition for up to a week. If you find that a few flowers do go over during that time then pinch them out of the bouquet and leave the others to continue growing. Our flowers are cut to order to be full of scent and literally grow in the vase.

What if I need to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription if you need to. When you subscribe you will get an Online Customer account where you can manage your subscription.
To access your account click here:

How sustainable is your produce?

Sitopia Farm exists because of our passionate commitment to transforming the food system. Industrial agro-chemical food production (which supplies the vast majority of food and flowers in supermarkets and convenience stores in the UK) is responsible for about 30% of greenhouse gas emissions globally and massive biodiversity loss amongst other environmental damage. At the same time as an obesity epidemic, millions of people in the UK and globally suffer from malnutrition and inadequate access to good nutritious food.

Everything we do is about seeking to change this. From our organic, no-till, regenerative farming practices, to our engagement with our local community, our commitment to delivering within a few miles’ radius of the farm, our discounts for those on low incomes, advancing our environmental, health and social objectives is at the heart of what we do. Through buying from us you are playing a critical role in supporting us, the birds, bees and butterflies on our farm, and engendering the urgent food system transformation we all need to see.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do!

Home delivery is on Fridays for those who live in Charlton, Plumstead, Eltham, Kidbrooke and Blackheath and certain areas of Greenwich- get in touch if you're not sure.

All our produce is as fresh as it comes, but for those subscribed to flower delivery who expect to be out on Friday afternoons/evenings we ask that you leave a bucket or large jug with water out for us. Then we can pop your flower bouquet in water immediately on delivery and keep them as fresh as possible.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to pick up your flowers, you can collect from Shrewsbury House, Bushmoor Crescent, SE18 3EG between 1pm and 8pm.

When will my subscription arrive?

On a Friday - for both home delivery and collection.

When you sign up, you'll need to sign up by Tuesday of that week to receive your delivery on that Friday, otherwise your first subscription will come the following week.