Beautiful Blooms, Shaped by Nature

Our organically grown flowers are truly unique.
We grow varieties and diversity that it's hard to get elsewhere. And each of our organic stems display their own distinctive features, from twisty shapes to curly petals that unfurl naturally as they grow.

We're delighted to supply flowers to florists across London every week from April to October.

What makes our flowers special?

  • Better for nature and the climate

    Our flowers are Soil Association certified organic and we don't use any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers to produce them making them great for wildlife.

    Our flowers are seasonal – we only grow varieties appropriate for the time of year in our climate. This means we can grow all our flowers outside or in unheated polytunnels and we don't use energy to grow them.

    They're grown on our farm in the London Borough of Greenwich so they don't travel long distances to get to you, reducing the environmental footprint of your flowers even more.

  • Truly unique flowers

    Because we grow organically, our flowers are shaped by nature, giving them unique character and form.

    And because we're also a food farm, we can also offer unique blooms such as flowering coriander, fennel, mint, long nasturtium trails, kale or even tomatoes to add scent and interest to your order.

  • Better for people

    Because we don't use pesticides or herbicides our flowers are better for human health.

    And because we don't use chemicals, our flowers are shaped by nature, giving them a beautiful, natural and unique style that people love.

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How to buy from us

We supply buckets of up to 70 organic stems for £60 + VAT to a specific palette, or supply more bespoke orders.

  • 1. Sign up to our florists email

    Every Monday we'll let you know what stems we have available each week, price and order details.

  • 2. Place an order

    Just drop us a message letting us know what you'd like, when.

  • 3. Collect or arrange delivery

    Come to Sitopia Farm to collect your order or send a delivery driver.