For Food Businesses

Whether you're a wholesaler, restaurant, chef or cafe we can supply you with the freshest, tastiest and most sustainable produce in South East London.

What makes our food so special?

Better for nature

  • Our produce is  Soil Association certified organic and we don't use any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers to produce it, which is great for wildlife.

  • We grow according to the 'no-dig' method which enhances soil biodiversity, fertility and structure, and contributing to the health of the wider ecosystem.

Better for climate

  • We only grow food that is in season, meaning we can grow all our produce outside or in unheated polytunnels and don't use energy to grow.

  • Our farm is in the London Borough of Greenwhich so the produce doesn't travel long distances to get to you, reducing the footprint of the produce even more.

Amazing quality and flavour

The most delicious and flavourful food comes from healthy soil that is teaming with life.

We farm organically in ways that enchances soil biodiveristy, fertility and nutrition and that translates directly into the food.

We can guarantee you won't find a tastier strawberry or kale leaf in the whole of South East London.