How it works:

  • 1. Pick your buckets

    Choose the number of buckets and colour palette you want.

  • 2. Choose any add-ons

    From buttonholes to corsages to bridal bouquets, we can provide a range of optional extras to reduce the hassle.

  • 3. Select your delivery

    You can either select to collect from us or have us deliver and install.

DIY Wedding Buckets

Wedding Add-Ons

  • Chris Naylor & Susie Donnelly

    "The flowers were beautiful. I loved everything about them: how they were grown (and by whom!), the meanings of different flowers, the scents, the variety in shape and colour.  The bouquets looked very lovely with our dresses on the day.My favourite time in the run up to the wedding was arranging the pub flowers the day before. It was the most serene moment in a busy week."

  • Sophie Haas

    "I just wanted to say a very belated but huge thank you for our beautiful wedding flowers, they looked so stunning on the day and absolutely made the space."

  • Mike & Alice

    "Thank you so much for your and your team's support with our flowers. We picked them up on Saturday and I arranged them on Sunday morning before the lunch. They looked amazing, we were both really pleased with how it all turned out :) My cousin's little girls loved the fact they could eat the nasturtiums and everyone took a bouquet home which they were all really chuffed with"

Sam Sellers & Libby Barrett

When we decided to do the flower arranging for our wedding ourselves, our original plan was to go to Covent Garden Flower Market to source them as we didn’t know any better. Luckily, someone we trust in the industry suggested that we source the flowers directly from a local farm and recommended Sitopia Farm - we’re so delighted they did! We couldn’t be happier with the end results! The flowers were stunning and looked so wild and vibrant, which made arranging them really easy. Sitopia were able to take on the more challenging jobs like creating the bouquet and button holes. We live in South London so being able to collect the flowers from Greenwich the day before the wedding was a really easy and thoroughly enjoyable experience. I would recommend Sitopia Farm to anyone. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish."